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Bonaventure Nwodo Killed By The Nigerian Police While Protesting In Nigeria

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Heartbreaking News! Bonaventure Nwodo, fondly known as Bona, lived a life of perseverance and hard work. After spending more than 6 years in Dubai, returned to Nigeria in January 2023 with dreams of a better future. He set up a humble phone accessory shop in Ogbete Enugu where he was hustling for his daily 2k. To his dismay, his shop was forcibly sealed by @PNMbah the thief that stole Enugu state citizens mandate for voluntarily deciding not to open his shop on Monday 7/24/23. In a cruel turn of events, Bona's life was cut short on Wednesday 7/26/2023 by @PoliceNG when he dared to exercise his civil right and liberty to a peaceful protest. Why snuff out a life that had never caused harm to anyone? When has it become a crime in Nigeria to not open your own business? 

What happened to the freedom to peacefully express our opinions? Bona's family will forever bear the burden of this senseless loss, and our hearts ache for them. We say his name and remember him BONAVENTURE NWODO😫💔. 

We wonder, what have we done to deserve such wicked and heartless politicians in our beloved Nigeria? We must unite against such injustices and demand a better future for our people. Let our voices be heard, and let us strive for a Nigeria where every life is valued and protected. 🙏🇳🇬 ‼️ #JusticeForBona #EndInjustice #NigeriaDeservesBetter