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YouTube Goes Into The Podcasting Business With New Product Roll Out: Instant Take Over : Alfred's Take

YouTube Goes Into The Podcasting Business With New Product Roll Out: Instant Take Over : Alfred's Take

Alfred's Take:
YouTube launching YouTube Podcasts to go into the podcasting industry which has turned into a multi billion dollar industry is a genius business move for YouTube. It was so obvious a step to take I wonder why it took them so long.
People where already posting video versions of their podcast to YouTube.
Video Podcasting which never quite caught on like audio podcasting is now catching on really big and so it makes sense that the biggest video sharing platform in the world (YouTube) would want some of that.

This is going to shutdown a lot of all the podcast hosting and aggregation companies. Consider all the minor ones already gone or at least their profits greatly eaten into. 
Anchor was probably the biggest and if it wasn't bought by Spotify this news would have been a huge problem them. Note it still is, but it's not as huge a problem as it could have been... I guess.

However, goodbye to all the other podcasting providers. They cannot offer a bigger and better deal to podcasters than YouTube can provide.

This brings us to the matter of why every member of the Christian Business Owners Club should go into every industry or product line anywhere around the supply chain line of any company even remotely related to meeting the same customer need that you meet. 
This is because the bigger company would eventually do so and takeover the market. came up with online print on demand self publishing of books. The revolutionized the game for authors. It was like their name would be remembered what they did for the world and for publishing. But Amazon the world's largest online book retailer at the time launched Kindle Direct Publishing after seeing the profit Lulu was making.
Today even though Lulu still exists, it has been going downhill since then and 90% of authors don't even know the company exists.

This same thing happens on time and time again.  

Google the search engine launched Gmail taking out actual email companies.
Facebook launched Instagram Live to take out Periscope.
Facebook launched the Metaverse taking out Second Life.

.... etc ... the list goes on.

So Christian Business Owners Club members, expand your business' product line to products out side your industry or else a company outside your industry would expand into your industry and eat up your market share or even run you out of business.