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The Ambassador : The Gospel : Music Review (Awesomeness Rating: 8.5/10)



The Ambassador : The Gospel : Music Review (Awesomeness Rating: 8.5/10)

The Ambassador : The Gospel : Music Review (Awesomeness Rating: 8.5/10)

The Ambassador : The Gospel : Music Review (Awesomeness Rating: 8.5/10)


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know me I say my man but you know me you know me I'm from Dakota what's trash headed for rap like all the others I will puff past and I would Dash all the numbers [Music] I'll puff past and you know the the rhyming the skills you know is it's amazing And for those of you who do not know the Ambassador this is one of the I would say um

you know you know how the world has you know the funny fathers of hip-hop with them um the carriers one they have cup and butter you know all those those guys you know those pioneers of that you know um I know it's the same genre of music but in the Christian World those you know when it comes to those who um really did it with um Christian hip-hop you know the first early Christian rappers this is you know one of them the Ambassador you know part of the Cross movements and interestingly that's where Craig got his stats from but this was way later you know he was you know which Records Was an offshoot and kind of Affiliates of um the cross movement and that was back when that was old like when Lecrae was all about the gospel ministering to people you know winning so it's not like Ray of today you know but let's keep watching this

two of the best words came inside

gave me desires now I want a gesture they say get lemons make lemonade drinks Jesus Take Sinners and he that makes sense covered in the flood like heated spray paint my life giving up you see that covered in the blood like he's the preparing tonight you know I love the best because I don't know like he just spray paints you know a buzz amazing [Music] self all day if he got the crown I don't mind bowing down yeah you know how it goes

[Music] he's coming back taking us to the Grid it's the gospel Sunny gospel we're giving you the gospel honey gospel put it in a hot flow it'll come and write Souls you're gonna get the gospel from me you know how it goes Jesus died Jesus rose up you know what it is coming back taking us to the crib this is the gospel Sonny you know he died his rules coming back taking us to the crib you know I have no Manchester helping you know homes in heaven you know this guy has buzz you know it's amazing and it's all gospel you know an interesting the name of the song is the gospel [Music]



[Music] bang bang offering Jesus all of us need the same King no I'm right just now what let's salute the sun yeah you know how it goes Jesus came Jesus lived Jesus died Jesus rose you know what it is He reigns he's coming back taking us to the Grid it's the gospel sunny [Music]

[Music] this is the gospel Sunny gospel take it over cars and money


beautiful news [Music] is the gospel right with it see what he's doing at this you know this basically like the outro and it's still you know the rhyming and the vibe you know it's very different from you know diversity the verses has its own um you know you just holds full of different you know moments when he switched the flu and you know the flu the pattern the rhyming was on points you know multiple rhyme and and what he's talking about is also on points you know mixing that with the rhyming it's amazing

track with it is in the gospel [Music] you ain't taking gospel for me

the video was amazing you know the video is amazing um when it comes to the cinematography of the video itself you know

there there are the the stuff that could have been done you know like depiction or you know um characterization kind of like um a ring reenactment scene one of the best things to do in music videos is um have some actors reenact something that is related or scenarios that people can relate with that is based off a theme in what you're talking about you could do multiple um such um reenactments like for the different verses but it has to be based on what you're talking about and of course the the inspiration for this setting should be based off of what you talk about you know for example if the team is something like um you're talking about let's say you you um you reference deaths then a graveyard sets in or something of that Nation if you reference like um a Mary or something you know a statue of Mary has to you know his best or in that kind of setting or you say something about Norms like perhaps you know in some settings you know it's not compulsory but those kinds of things help inform the video and add to the video you pick out main themes from what you are saying and let that translate into picking what setting you will choose for the video but you know it's a matter of um um using what you have in your hand to do what's you know um you do so in this situation clearly he didn't spend a lot of money on the video but you know it is better than no video and the video was still you know okay you know so I understand um that as well you know so um that being said you have to respect because this is somebody that has been you know doing gospel rap for a long time and he's one of the early people there's somebody I listen to the first time I had crossed me when I was in high school I think you know um my my early years of senior high school you know that was the first time I had a cross movement record you know and also a kj52 record you know and as well as T-Bone you know so you you can look up These Guys these are Christian rap that's from way back you know some of them are still doing it I don't know if it's T-Bone is still kind of active but not really you know no he's not I'll say he's not active you know kj5 is a pastor now you know a lot of the members of the Cross movements are pastors you know that's Ambassador is still um raising projects you know it's a huge plus you know you know it's not um

our daily but you know whenever he shows up with the project you know you know it's always a pleasure to support and to enjoy his music so make sure you you subscribe to you know um the ambassador's channel you know you can see I'm subscribed here so um do that and you know spread the word you know one of the ways that you can use and reach out to people especially young people you know it's by giving them Ministry materials you know give them a Christian rap city you know um sort that into somebody's life you know um you could reach more people that way because understand a lot of time young people listen to Young people and young people listen to people in that's they admire or in a celebrity position and you know all of that so um I'm going to whether that is right or not when I'm what I'm focusing on is that that is another need to preach the gospel so we must dominate that and use that you know take advantage of that you know using Christian novels Christian books you know Christian movies you know um give that as well not just when you meet your cousin or nephew or neighbor that has not saved you know you just preach to them or tell them that they should say for just give them a Bible a lot of times the rap city the gospel rap city will do more for them than the Bible because they will not even a lot of them they will never open up the Bible but but some of them want to like check out the news Camp when they listen to it and it's like they're pumped to their head to it but the message is going into them you may say ah is that that is not how to praise the gospel but look at the world Satan is smart why do you think Satan puts satanic imagery in his music you know in the world it means why do you think that satanic imagery why do you think there's satanic um um words if you if you think that it is that those things are not important to enriching people why don't Satan is it and why is it so effective you know so it's very important that we put our christian messages you know we we see what does um Christian rap albums there are also Avenues to win so perhaps you're a your pastor you have a church when there are newcomers especially in the youth ministry part of the package you give the new Commerce should be Christian rap CDs you know some Christian movies you know a copy of the Bible you know a Christian devotional or a Christian Christian magazines you know give them give it to the first time as you know of course all of this you know um coming from you know the offering you know and all of that so that is part of one of the things that if you use the offerings for you know a lot of people think that um pastors um when they hear of releasing their puzzles are eating people's um money now it takes money to run a church you know the lighting is not free the venue is not free you know even if the trust buys the building they have to maintain its there's the mortgage situation all kinds of situations there are a lot of costs that are good to run in a church you know and unfortunately that is why pathos a lot of passers are always asking for money because they are trying to meet up with um you know the financials to get the financials of the church in order but it then creates a problem because now they are they have taken their mind off of preaching the gospel to trying to get things in order so they are now focusing on preced images or on given when it is not led by the spiritual at times when it is not led by the spirit there's nothing against giving you should give you know the world gives very proudly you know Facebook you know their CEOs Zuckerberg when you are using Facebook and Instagram and all of that their CEO is using his profits to fund LGBT courses LGBT Charities look at BLM look at how blms count people and you know the founders of being in both mansions for themselves but no persecution none of them are in jail the founders of BLM are not in jail in spite of that you know but people want to complain about you know the church you know say Church orphan but you know um this um these are just toaster issues you know keep in mind and talk about um you know I've gone all the rails talking about a whole bunch of stuff let's just say prayer for the Ambassador for the cross movements and you know um Closeouts in jail

the Ambassador prayer a lot further that's his music will keep on increasing he'll keep on having a great impact you know his best days are not behind him but are in front of him his milk is going to expand it's going to spread it's going to go forth into all the corners of the world and it's going to make great and immense impact in Jesus name thank you a lot for that introduction I pray amen um thank you for joining me with Opera I'm about to check out our free dot VIP for more God bless you


no no no no no steady sprayer audibly if you've not given your heart to Jesus Christ dear God I Believe In My Heart of Jesus Christ the son of God came died and I was raised from the dead to save me I confess him Lord over my life and ask you to give me your Holy Spirit to live within me I receive your spirit by faith and thank you for I am now born again in Jesus name amen if you just pray that prayer congratulations you know Christian go to Alfredo VIP and click the Salvation prayer Link in the main menu to get resources that help you with your work record God bless you