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Rabbit Hole : Series Preview - (Watchability Score: 9/10)



Rabbit Hole : Series Preview - (Watchability Score: 9/10)

Rabbit Hole : Series Preview - (Watchability Score: 9/10)

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delivery on 30. yeah sign in sure you might hold on to that for me thanks that is a bar I have just ironed it don't move you moved about that Nate I hear any alarms or Sirens I definitely long I understand good I'll be right back

you need to know what you're getting into Minecraft so one thing that comes to mind is that when people make movies like this you know that future um basically new ways of commenting crimes are they giving criminals new ideas and you know the putting out there because one thing that is not talked about is the fact that a lot of um people who actually are in jail now in whatever crime do we come they committed a lot of the process of the planning or lack of planning you know what they did in those moments that they committed their crime you know was informed in some way by something they have seen in a movie I'm not saying that it is the movie that made them do it but the movie gave them ideas of how to do it you know and it's often not agree because real life is completely different from a movie what people will do and get away with them with in a movie you know like um in a movie they are always cautious so it seems like a brilliant idea to um when someone comes a crime to you know drive away and try to evade the police that way but in real life that is unrealistic apparently when you understand that they already have your license plates and you know there's you know a helicopter oftentimes you know that sees you so it is not like um in real life and this is the difference in a countries police and Thief caches in a movie the cop is trying to drive as fast as they can to catch the criminal but the criminal or the person that is um framed you know that is not running away from the law so that they can prove down in a sense in their own way and in their own time while on their own and you know which is a different scene because that now leaves the charge of um invading arrests you know um you know resistant arrests and all of that and whatever things that could happen in the in the midst of that case but you know that is one way that it does not tie with reality but another way is that you know the cop is trying to chase the criminal you know and try to get the criminal you know but in real life the cop you know moves at an appropriate Pace that they do not want to speed up that much so that they would not Inspire the guy to also speed up even faster and endanger lives including his own because you know when people are driving that Reckless and that fast they are surely going to hit some um buys um standards so that is one of the reasons why in real life the police car does not move as fast as it can you know but people don't know this a lot of people who do such silly things that end up in jail and and actual happy catches they don't know they think they're actually running from the cup no the cop already has their license place number I know your your data your information and all that are you live in a different world now I mean your phone is tracking you whether you like it or not so they know you and they probably are linking up to know the all the people you know and where you are going to try to hide so all that information is available but the chase is you know you thinking that you are running from police is you deceiving yourself but you know what I'm trying to point out is how you know movies how crimes are commentary movies in form and you know um um affects how people commit crimes in real life so um when people give away too much information in movies like oh if you do this or this is this law that is related to committing describe and under these kind of circumstances it informs people who find themselves in such situations in real life how they act you know so which is um um an interesting issue is not is not the world um recognition it's not if it's not like on the top 100 list of issues in the world to look at it is not one of them but you know it's it's an interesting thing to think about you know let's go back to shortage because that's interesting I've not seen that particularly done in that way you know walking into the bank you know giving you know the cup or whatever a package and tell him that you know you know with a smile in office and all of that he thinks and everything is you know he's like you know waiting for what you see next time you are like um I just gave you a bump you know and that if you move one all of that you know um it will explode I'll detonate you with this one another so that is an interesting there are similar things like that of people passing your notes to the cashier you know and saying um this is a stick up you know don't signal anybody or else my partner so so is going to shoot and all of that so all those kinds of things you know it's interesting


people don't think fast but it should try to stay console always think first he made a huge mistake he said if you move the bomb that needs what this cop should do is is to handcuff himself to this man while he's doing all this talking as quickly as possible or just hold on to him you know he's holding the package with one hand you use the other hand you know to hold him then he is now put in a situation where you know if you move and the bomb detonates we both die is that your plan so the guy now has no choice you know it destroys the whole plan he now has no choice but to let the whole thing go you know and he will get arrested you know or they both die but you know it's a matter of calling your bluff and playing shaking situation but such people who are desperate you know wants money and they are selfish and they they don't want to die so you know if this cop has handcuffed himself to this guy at this moment that'll be the end of the movie you know he has solved that issue good I'll be right back

you need to know what you're getting into this is not cops and robbers

the enemy is everywhere but he can't be seen so what's it gonna be are you going to be all heroic and difficult or are you going to be sensible and help us save the world data drives everything you think you're shopping for socks but they know who you're voting for why me I can trust you you're the one who taught me not to trust anybody corporate Espionage is the dirty way to get rich are you accusing me of something

found something big enough to make you a Target it's just part of the job right no one's ever succeeded in toppling a democracy as ours but a country Rife anger and Division is a job already half done

is that there was just too many possibilities

can't tell the difference between what's great you know how this is Hollywood I'm interested you know it's interesting who are they going to blame for the division and all of that you know in the country are they going to blame Trump because I think I saw a photo of trump there somewhere you know but the reality of things is it's basically CNN MSNBC you know and they are the four behind the antifa and all of that you know um they are the ones who are suing the vision you know before Trump CNN you know MSNBC did not demonize anyone political party but then again both parties were working in One Direction even though they pretended to be um two opposites sites you know but you know when Trump came in he really changed things and he was he's one of the first positions in a long time in America to do you know or you know seriously aim to do it oh you're really messing this one up John

there's definitely

you must have absolute trust in one another an absolute trust in the plan

is this Gonna Hurt

you know this race is going to be very interesting you know I'm interested you know um you know he needs you know it's it deals with a lot of things yeah there's so much it was well put together I would say it's a nine over ten you know it's it's nice but that being said make sure to check out the Alfredo's VIP for more thank you and God bless you

say this prayer audibly if you've not given your heart to Jesus Christ dear God I Believe In My Heart the Jesus Christ the son of God came died and I was raised from the dead to save me I confess him Lord over my life and ask you to give me your Holy Spirit to live within me I receive your spirit by faith and thank you for I am now born again in Jesus name amen if you just pray that prayer congratulations VIP and click the Salvation prayer Link in the main menu to get resources that help you with your work record God bless you