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For Honor : Year 7 : Season 1 (Watchability Score: 0/10)



For Honor : Year 7 : Season 1 (Watchability Score: 0/10)

For Honor : Year 7 : Season 1 (Watchability Score: 0/10)

For Honor : Year 7 : Season 1 (Watchability Score: 0/10)

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ation with a righteous heart first of all the Earth's work you know the 3D Graphics is cool it's amazing now I just heard the word Inquisition so this is Hollywood this is going to be something that is going to put Christianity in your bad light you know because of course you know with the Inquisition you know the dark ages of the church you know and what the calculations you know did you know a lot of people ignore the fact that the Catholic Church you know when you look at the roots is actually the remnants of the ancient Roman Empire it is the only surviving remnants you know and of course the Romans are the ones that really invented colonization you know the British may be popular for it to debate the British lengths from the womans you know it's romance that actually invented colonization in its in its um in in that model before people conquered and what they did was that that we kill all the people on the land and take over the land but the romance brought up a new system of when we conquer you we do not kill you you know we do not um basically um just take over everything you have will allow you be but now you now have allegiance to rule you are now under us you are now a colony of us and all your citizens are beneath Roman citizens and all your laws and judges they will they will replace the old um judges and governors in that land with their own if those ones do not um the current ones do not listen to them or want to keep fighting with the Romans you know and the ones that are replacing are not romance but a lot of times they will put their own people so let's say that the romance um were to conquer um let's see an imaginary the fictional island called the um Libya or actually Libya is a replacement you know let's just say um or or let's say nalia you know asynchronous of Nadia let's let's use that word let's say the romance with the Concan idea you know and what Romans will do is that they will leave leaders in area who are who are from Nadia to rule over them but they are now taking orders directly from the Romans any leader of the nadian people you know who do not want to comply we will be replaced by any other person in Nadia who wants who who wants to move up in ranks and you know it's okay with having allegiance to the Romans and since the Romans were building an empire it's like why not be a part of this Global Empire or this globalization or this um big conglomerates that for you to stand on your own you know because now when you are part of the Roman Empire anybody that tries to mess with you is messing with the Roman Empire you know other individuals other nations can't touch you you're now part of the Roman Empire so that was the system that the Romans invented and you know the British you know um took learn from that but if the Romans that did that and that same Empire is what produced the Catholic church so keep in mind that the number one people who were persecuted by the Catholic Church during the Dark Ages were true Christians because if you are not a Christian you know what does it mean to you if somebody says um pledge allegiance to the pope population religions to the Catholic church so pleasure Alliance to this religion otherwise you die you know a lot of people don't mind you know they will just go ahead okay whatever if that's the way it is very big you know it is only a Christian who understands that If you deny you know just see that If you deny me before me and I'll deny before my Father in heaven so it's only a Christian that you put a gun to his head and see um believe in this other belief system or believe in this other religion or say believe in Allah or believe in whatever you know it's only a Christian that we refuse but um he doesn't even believe in all of that so he's like whatever so all I have to do for you not to shoot me is to say that I believe in what you believe okay so understand that the true people who were persecuted during the Dark Ages and during the Inquisition we were two Christians until today we are still called Protestants you know they don't even look at the meaning of that word and you know why the Catholic choose to call you know all those who you know were classified as Heretics that's what because a heretic is not an atheist a heretic is somebody who you know is considered to believe not necessarily a different um religion but what they consider a perversion of the current religion or the religion you know it's like you're twisting the tissues so the woman also the Roman Catholic Church looked at every other Christian that was not Roman Catholic you know as you are perverting Christianity that is when you look at the meaning of the word heretic you know you will see that so that is something that people um misunderstand or deliberately um misunderstand you know I would say the younger generation who are on trust don't know this better of course listen to what the world has to say to them about what Christianity is but they will never listen to a Christian himself or herself or you know a Christian Pastor explain what Christianity is and you know and all of that you know it's sad but let's keep watching this

all these words come from that time so and I know as this is Hollywood they are going to basically put all the the activities of the Catholic Church on all Christians just like when you look at Peru figure in the church where is it normally point of um narrow down to the Catholic Church you know when people see you know please taken advantage of um

um boys you know and it's actually a small percentage and understand that Catholic church has has been around for a long time so when you look at how long the calculations lasted plus the reports of such things happening it's actually very small compared to of course no organization has lasted that that long no official you know organization has lasted as long as the Catholic church has been you have to take that into consideration and take the number of people who are who have been caught so who have done such a thing into consideration as participate the whole body so you see that it's very timely it's a very tidy number but they want to put it on the whole trust that oh that that is what Pastor do oh that is what your Christians that you know do put something they find a fault in the Catholic church to put this on all Christians you know that is the thing it's just like see one African-American rubbing a bank they're now coming to the conclusion that all African-Americans are bank robbers you know when you use the word African-American in this modern damn age of weakness people will see that that is racist and that is a problem with that you can't put what one person does on the entire group you know but they want to put you know you shouldn't even put this situation you know with upon all the Catholic priests but these people will put it on all Christians and all pastors all past all this um churches does what they are all about the money you know they hear one pressure talking about sewing and reaping they misunderstanding they misinterpreted they they are cool with everybody else talking about suing and reaping and calm and all of that because karma and swing and rip now basically the same to you know come out is actually stood from the low swing I ripping a lot of things in other belief systems are stolen from the Bible bits um that being said you know they don't complain about that but they want to put on hope they saw one Pastor um do want to know perhaps one Pastor is caught committing adultery with one prostitute the one brother then they now see ah that is how all pastors are you know it's crazy but that is what uh and and these people believe their own life so much you know they they talk nonsense like that and they believe it and they and they use it as an excuse they say I don't like church because church is full of Hypocrites that is stupid you know church is supposed to welcome all people and open his doors to all people a trust that doesn't have Hypocrites in it you know it's not a church a church is supposed to have all kinds of people it's not you know it is not a place for Perfect People is a place of perfecting people you know it's like somebody who goes to a school and says I don't like that school there are stupid people in the oldest somebody who got an F in in that school oh um is it is a crazy school let's shut it down it's a terrible School schools originally are supposed to help make people smart they are supposed to help turn dumb people into smart people that is what they are supposed to do you know it's just like hospitals they are supposed to be sick people in hospitals you are not going to go to a husband and say ah there are sick people there you know it's a terrible Hospital you know it's not a good Hospital you know I don't like that hospital they are sick people there but yet people will will look at the church and say well I don't like that church there are people who need who need God there you know there are people who need their lives worked on there there are people who need their lives improve there oh there are people who are hypocrites there there are those kinds of people you know are supposed to be there you know so um that that being said you know um of course um

such people you know should be you know it is not like they should come as they are remain as they are they should be worked on and you know it is not for them as they are to occupy leadership positions you know and people who are in United positions they have their own personal work and their own you know things they are going through that they should have their own Circle and people who help them out with things so they will not fall into temptation you know so um that means so let's keep watching this our mission was to purge the heresy

but I was misled only the guilty Were Meant to die only those old enough to reach the Noose should ever swing from it this war of faith is madness a plague on heathmore

so you can see weakness at the Amplified level and how this is so very stupid first of all you can see it basically based on this in Christianity and shape and putting the whole of Christianity as you know demonizing Christianity and that is what the one big thing in this new cave because for Satan to take a charge Christianity has to be demonized so there's a lot of push for the demonization of Christianity and that is one of the reasons why there's a put for the LGBT and making LGBT folks look like oh this is who they are oh Christianity just um uh opposed to these people Christianity inspires people to you know Christianity is regressive and against to just hate people for being who they are and all of that that is the angle they push me for and that is what it's for the whole purpose of the push of LGBT is to attack the church you know just like the a big part of the lockdowns was not just a transfer of wealth you know but also to persecute the church and to end such as we know it people don't realize these things now you look at this um story where they are putting somebody who was used basically as an executor and as a crusader for the Dark Ages you know based on the storyline they also have to introduce weakness into the picture and make it a female because this is also part of the agenda they want you know the concept of a strong woman is a man you know they want to make the the woman the masculine and the man feminine you know why is this kind of character so this is somebody you are telling me somebody in the Dark Ages era when there was Reno technology was nowhere what it is today everything was done manually you know you had to be physically strong to do any almost anything because you know you have to use manual tools there's no machines no computer to help you with stuff then you want to tell me that the warrior who was going about killing and masculine people you know on behalf of the Catholic Church which is you know basically a part of the government because a lot of people don't understand that relationship you know the Catholic church was founded by the Roman government the Roman Empire and so the part of it and also when you know um Britain came up you know which came off after the rumors the Roman Catholic Church was the ones who ordained who would be the next king so people need to understand that and progression of things but you know to now put a woman as the tough character you know who was killing people and basically an executioner Hitman you know Crusader kind of thing that is unrealistic that never happened you know so it's this twisting of history and you know this foolishness of propaganda you know it is now a crime for a man to be masculine you know the strong male Heroes you know back in the day when I was young there was the drink love and down you know there was the Bruce Leaders The Jackie Chan there was the you know Arnold Schwarzenegger you know um the Rambo with um Sylvester Stallone that image of a strong male you know with muscles you know um tough and you know protective all of that have been destroyed now look at all the heroes look at who they call took place Spider-Man his skinny little boy look at all the the male um Heroes and leads in all these new movies all skinny skinny skinny you know uh they they know what they are doing and all these people that are accents and really source and you know um with all kinds of you know feminine um movements about them and about their personality you know you see all those Source moments from the so-called modern celebrities you're sad

and this is why emphasize the importance of us we real Christians you know the family you know we have to make games you know Christian games you know you know and I'm talking about a family of God Christian Church you know um you know also known as you know the Bible Club you know for information of that you can go to to join us you know we have to make Christian games we have to make Christian movies we have to make Christian music all these things and dominate the world with it not just that every other thing because everything now has its own propaganda and its own aim attaches we now have socialist Mass maths you know they put in the in the word problems you put socialist ideologies communist ideologies and work statements CRT is everywhere you know all kinds of things you see all this propaganda to change the world we see and diversity Equity inclusion di you know you see him ESG including a company saying look at the company the banks are just folded um um Silicon Valley bag it folded because it put diversity Equity inclusion before profits the company this is a bank it did not even have a risk management department there was no risk management department for close to a year before that Bank closed how can you be a bank a bank makes decisions on where to invest and where not to invest who to give a loan and who not to give a loan you need a department of people you know who are going to investigate all these different opportunities should we give this company alone should we not are they financially sound you need people to do that you need good accountants who understand business who understand economics to do that but this company didn't have that but it had diversity Equity inclusion I was giving out oh these people are lesbians it is primarily lesbians that are standing starting the company oh let us give it let us give them funds oh it is people of African design oh it is African-Americans you know their marginalized let us give them so that was the criteria that they were giving out loans and investing and then they now put majority of the money that they had received during the pandemic and all of that they put a lot of that money in bonds government bonds not assessing interest rates you can look at all the foolishness they left economics alone I was doing diversity Equity inclusion why wouldn't the bank vote and that is the thing that a lot of companies when you can see with the concept of Google Chromebook because they are putting all these things even when you look at Nigeria and you know the the most for cashless um Society it is it is good ESG scores better the reality on the ground it is suffering for the Nigerian people but it gives um the whole situation you know with the ERG scores you know of the world economic firm and all of that it's caused the this um Nigerian puppets politicians and CBN Governors and all these guys they score high on all those metrics and they are the same thing with all these um Hollywood companies a lot of people wonder why do Hollywood companies keep making um work movies or work video games because of the ESG score metric system and they and they are doing it in them weaving it into the law you know so it is now making companies you know have to abide by all these book metrics that have nothing to do with profits and it's sad

thank you


there are no Saints here only butchers

false idols and empty promises so basically what they does the day is they called Jesus a false idol that is what you just did and there is something that you know in as much as the parents do not may not understand this the parents do not even play the game or you know um they are not into this but this is what kids are watching and consuming so when you wonder why your child no longer believes in God do you know what your child has been the kind of movies that your child has been watching to you it seems Innocent but inside there are messages that are three doubts and questioning Christianity if you log into Tick Tock for example from Nigeria all the videos that are on the recommended section no matter who you subscribe to all the videos are there questioning Christianity or this look at this and coming up with all kinds of conspiracy theories of why you shouldn't believe in the Bible

it is all there so you the parents you know and all of that also the same media is telling them how many times have you ever watched or seen a movie a modern movie where the parents is actually a guide where the parents actually help the child get through a problem parents are puts and cast in Hollywood as parents just don't understand they are old they are outdated you know they get in the way you do your thing you know parents are not leaders in old Hollywood when I look at the days of Bill Cosby on fortnite for what because we lived his life on this situation he got himself into bed when you look at the Bill Cosby Show that was wholesome the show itself I'm not talking about the personality of the man but it show itself that was wholesome entertainment you could see the strength of family when even when you look at um to some degree you know even stuff like fresh prince of Belen you could see the importance of family and you know family guidance from the parents or parental figures you know like from Uncle Phil in that case you know you can see um even the name of the shoes of of previous eras like Father Knows Best it puts the father in in the position of the leader of the home Father Knows Best you know but now in every show and every um movie a lot of the modern ones you could see the parents are adverse an adversary to the child it is always Dysfunctional Family the family is always dysfunctional the the relationship between the parents and the children is is always off-key they they the children can never look at the parents for Guardians in all shoes it they scripts are intentionally written that's why it has been that way for so long it is done intentionally so your children are subconsciously subconsciously trained as well as their peers are con subconsciously changed not to look to your parents for guidance so all the things that you are saying are just the words of an old person talking and that is one of the reason why if you go way back in history one of the best ways to influence young people was through their parents and you could see sentences like um the way you should go and when you grow up you will not depart from it that was fact and there was no schooling system in those days like we have it today it was not it was the mother was the one that was teaching the children and that's the structure of the home the man went out there they did a lot of the work but the woman was you know at home she and did that for people who always dissing um women and of the past and saying oh women will oppressed and women with with this or all of that and nonsense that feminism tries to push about women no the women that were at home were actually helping they helped the whole thing work you know they were the backbone they had their rules they understood what the woman's role was the wife's Rule and what the father's role was you know what the husband's rule was so you know they were very issue if you know each part of the body is important your left hand is important your right hand is important but they do not and do the same thing your right hand should not try to become a left hand you cannot now have two left hands or your hand should not try to become your leg you know your hand is your hand your leg is your leg they have different functions so that is one thing a home functions when everybody has both and you know Define like that now you see in this situation

um with what these stories that um people attend or let me just finish what I was saying before you know when you look way back you see the parents was the best way you know to influence the youths each person's parents was who influenced them the most but now it is they appears that influence them more you know their peers are celebrities so if their peers are staring them in the wrong direction and you know if the peers are pro-gay and the celebrities are pro-gi in spite of the fact that you're a Christian trying to raise your kids in a Christian home it is going to be difficult especially in the early ages where children are sponges you know you are actually at a disadvantage because the school is more influential this the school teacher is more influential over your kids over how your kids think over what your kids are Said Than You Are your your kids pairs classmates are more influential than you you know you may control the business so you can say you are grounded you you may control or you you're going here or we are going to this for vacation and all of that but the belief systems in your child's hearts are determined what is the strongest influence uh what their peers are telling them what television is telling them what the media is saying they want social media you know what celebrities are saying you know what a school sisters and teachers are saying you know through the propaganda system that is what is more influential than you the parents in what is in the child's hearts and that is what you shop at the end you know some of you may think that um your child changed no your child never changed you know when your child gets older your child starts becoming rebellious it's not that the child changed he judge that she have not been saying that you have not been seen this looking at the heart of the child when you are training the child what was inside the the child's Hearts now the child cannot be bold and I'll do it in front of you you know but that was what was being groomed in the child's Hearts from outside not from you you know so um these are situations that you know people we ask Christians you must take note of these things and make changes and you know be the ones that hold the cards and play the games we should be the ones that will be influencing the children of unbelievers you should be once influencing the children of non-christians you know and you know those who are as well fake Christians you know the Catholics and the rest you know so um they have been said let's just round up this video

I'm your salvation

she ended it with I'm your salvation so now calling Jesus you know an idol which imagine if someone um insulted Muhammad you know Prophet Muhammad imagine the what will happen to that person but anybody can insult just and get away with this you know so and this is the team this is the points that is what this movie this video game is about but people don't see there are people who just look out for the oh it's an actual video game fighting blah blah blah but this is the team this is the plot this is the storyline this is the message and this same message is in every other thing and this power comes with you know buying up media which is why it's important for us Christians to own the movie industry the video game industry the music industry the whole of the entertainment industry you know when it comes to team packs everything we must have money we must use money we must be the ones you know we are not going to change this world without money without having the more money than the devil's kids if you do not have more money than the devil's kids you will not have a louder voice than the devil's kids and the devil will win we have a mandate we have a message to preach to the world you know so um does that's you know make sure you check out Alfredo's VIP for more thank you and God bless you but what you spread is what you get give your best you get the best rest your best and people see you the best

prayer or the belief you've not giving your heart to Jesus Christ dear God I Believe In My Heart of Jesus Christ the son of God came died and I was raised from the dead to save me I confess him Lord over my life and ask you to give me your Holy Spirit to live within me I receive your spirit by faith and thank you for I am now born again in Jesus name amen if you just pray that prayer congratulations

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