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End Of The World : Tom MacDonald ft John Rich : S Music Review - by Alfred (Rating: 0/10)



End Of The World : Tom MacDonald ft John Rich : S Music Review - by Alfred (Rating: 0/10)

End Of The World : Tom MacDonald ft John Rich : S Music Review - by Alfred (Rating: 0/10)

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televised I know that we've been waiting patiently for better times we fell asleep but men are blind can't recognized as genocide you know I like the fact that he's talking about the UFOs thing you know UFOs on the video is very interesting that right now at a time like this this is when the government has you know chosen for the first time to admit you know anything along those lines of UFOs and aliens you know there's a lot of talk about that and you know so words come and of course it goes back to what has been said and what the Bible says about anything because the so-called aliens are just Nephilim they have always been here and these are beans and creatures that have always been in human history that's you know the modernized you know European um colonization with education wiped away you know much of that but when you look at Asians um

Egyptian you know sculptures and War when you look at you know drawings of and the stories of the Mayans of the Indians of the ancient Chinese and we see a lot of beasts you see a lot of monsters you see a lot of dragons you see you know a lot of Creations that were a mix of different um creatures like you know IBU with a human head and things of that nature you will see a lot of that all of that was the results of the Nephilim but you know in the so-called westernized modernization this they they pushed away anything that seems so-called Supernatural according to them they determined what was Supernatural and they kicked it out but it doesn't change the history because they know that stories like for example how do you tell the story of Egypt without all the Pharaohs and all the gods and all the things that you know they said and they believe that the gods did including Africa how do you tell African stories if you do not believe in the Supernatural because there are a lot of Supernatural things that are mixed with all the stories of all the Asians you know times and and we see the evidence of that in the pencil even in the existence of the pyramids and all that that's interesting that they have that the governments have now chosen now to um see that are their aliens but it is actually these names that have always been here you know so and for those of you do not know definitely is basically what is created when Angels you know reproduce with humans now of course distance can also be done scientifically in a lab but in our face it's happened you know true you know um Daughters of um men you know human women laying down with Fallen Angels you know so they create these Abominations and keep in mind that angels are not a specific specie you know there are varieties in the way they look and the way their forms and their properties and abilities so understand how that also ties into the superhero um mutants culture that has developed and what can be what what is being pushed today you know it may not have been the original detention some people just go into it for it but there's more to it you know it is being used for a bigger agenda but let's keep watching the video

I feel like the bomb about to drop I let the clouds another virus go on Airborne go hide inside your house Farmers watching prop style they drying up with droughts angry people forming crowds and trying to burn the cities down this is Armageddon martial law for our protection I'll talk to God but it's long distance and I lost reception forest fires and oil spills you see that he thinks that that is clever but it's crazy you know I talked to God but if long distance you know and I've lost reception in a home problem with the reception understand the certain ignorance is and that is the the interesting scene you know God told us to be we are people who have um a form of righteousness but deny the party of Tom McDonald is one of such people you know and this is why you you have a lot of problem because there's a lot of inconsistency with him you know and what does he truly believe you know so is he just milking the Republican crowd the conservative craft and all of that because one thing is for sure he's not down to eight with it you know this is somebody that never came out to be pro-trump and probably voted by them you know and this is somebody that's um is always trying to play defense in spite of the fact that it is impossible at this point because it's clearly then versus us that is established on thanks to you know this new wave of weakness you know it's like you are either for weakness or you are against weakness that is how the work starts look at it they don't have time for any of that um sifu discus or I mean you know you you hear conservatives say all the time like I'm never going to cut off relationships with people because of their political beliefs oh I'm not never going to stop talking to somebody just because their political beliefs and all of that but you see on the left they don't look at that with the look at us oh by talking to them you are talking to a racist you're talking to the KKK person oh yeah you are in you are a part of um the white supremacy by talking to them and maintaining any kind of relationship with them so they are severing on virtue

to shown you to cancel you to cut you off so I'm based just on politically based on who you vote for and these people never do the research even the times that you know it has turned out so many times time and time again that the Republicans or conservatives or Alex Jones was right on an issue the left never comes back I see ah why I've been deceived let me take a YouTube you know they keep going because there's a brand new line that's that is very stupid that they will swallow you know so um that is what they want now very good um issue of Tom McDonald why you dissing God you know by you are dissing The Power of prayer the power of um communication with God and God being um um our Ally in this you know the Ally of those who are good and those who are righteous you know by pushing away God they are pushing away hoop you know and a chance to make it out of this um scenario that the opinion of this problem here this problem here and keep in mind that he never specified Tom McDonald has never directly dissed the world economic forum or the world government from or question all these issues you know he's just um milking the whole conservative movement you know and I'm playing the fence you know um that is something that you should keep in mind you know and when it comes to the issue of this um God being far you know it is not a clever but understand another thing is that God is if you are in Christ if you're a Christian God is inside you God lives in you you know um if any man loves me and keep my word and the father will come unto him and we will abide in him you know that is scripture you know God lives in you if you're a Christian that is the meaning of the baptism of the Holy Spirit you know God being in you you know so understand that's um um that is your simple um Bible tradition you know that he hasn't come across it says a lot and he doesn't and if he has why didn't he believe it you know so um you should be able to hear God every day and you know God speaks to you through his word if you read the Bible and you do not hear God's voice that's a problem if you do not hear um God's voice beyond the letter has a problem because you should have the spirit of God in you and if you have the spirit of God in you the spirit of God will guide you throughout so he will show you what he will show you and he will speak to you as you read the word if someone who had the Holy Spirit who listens to a preacher preach it's different from somebody who doesn't have the Holy Spirit when you have the Holy Spirit in you I listen to a preacher preach the spirit of God will guide you and speak to you even certain things that I preacher may not see you know cancel light and shootings and take you to a whole new level you'll be blessed on a whole new level but is what God is saying to you in the now at that moment not it is not um what is going to administer to you is not like somebody that's written thousands of years ago you know it is not going to be still it's going to be God's word for the now you get what is God saying to you now so that is one way you can also speak in tongues and through the gift of interpretation of tongues you know you pray for that gift also when you pray in tongues you know through the gift of interpretation interpret and know what direction the spirit is pointing towards so there are many ways to you know get connected to hear from God you know that is not a problem and then when you hear you know what direction you are going now the topic of the end of the world understand something um there is a strong misconception the Bible never talks about the world coming to an end the way that people you know always like to push the world comment on and the world coming to an end just is coming back where do you think he's coming back to if the world is coming to an end and understand that there is going to be the mineral range so after the Armageddon you know and and understand what their magadon is you know that is um the final battle is going to be a world where the Bible does not specify if it's going to be a third world war first world war fifth order but it is going to be the world war it's going to be a world where the whole world is fighting comes together to fight and as they gather at a marathon to fight you know to God is going to show and who is going to show up with the Saints the Saints who came at the Rapture so keep in mind understand something the second coming of Jesus is very predictable

you know there are a lot of people who think who's who they mix things up and they say no one knows um um Jesus when Jesus Christ is coming that is not what you should be worried about no one knows the Rapture the Rapture comes before the second coming the second coming is very predictable the second comment is going to happen after the tribulation the second comment is happening when it is clear there is going to be when everybody has come come together they are going to fight this war you know the Antichrist has already shown himself and done all kinds of Harvard that is when just come his the second coming is the rapture comes before the second coming in fact in the second coming the people who are going to come with Jesus are those who are raptured who are in between all that tribulation period in between the Rapture and the second coming during which that is also we've been in heaven with Jesus that is who is coming the Saints and the angels Jesus of the center in the end of that is who so the second coming you as a Christian you you should not be looking forward to the second coming you should be looking forward to the Rapture is the rapture that is unknown that we do not know you know um the day this this specific dates it is it is is predictable to to um tell a range of the time based on the signs when you see certain signs because the Bible gives us certain signs you know so you see all these signs you know that who is we are closer or is within this range the Rapture will happen you know so truly signs you can project and tell okay it's going to be you know this prophesy has been fulfill this prophecy has been filled this prophecy has made me fulfilled let's look look for it to be fulfilled so when you see all those things align you know the Rapture you know anytime now you know and that is one thing all the people that have been seeing a lot of things about the Rapture of when it accomplish and they have been using the 10 years since which I have explained to you is wrong because when your Essentials is coming you is you don't know what you're talking about you know you don't know what you're talking about for Jesus is coming it is that is that is we later you know why did you why why did you miss the rapture you know you when you are saying just is coming I'm talking about this end of the world you're trying to um push and you're talking about the end of the world like if you just said anything about the world ending you know the only reference to the word ended I just used you know that just was when you are said Heaven and Earth will pass away by my word will never pass away that is your only reference and he was saying that to show you um the the how Everlasting the world is and how important and how strong it is and you know um you should put it first you know now when it comes to a time frame because the Bible talks about a new Heaven and a new age when he talks about the ads being destroyed keep in mind that after their married one and there's there's going to be people that are going to be sent you know God come to judge to judge and the Bible says they sense will judge the world and we'll judge the Angels so who are we judging we are going to judge the angels good Angels Ministry and Angels there is that we administered to administer to the Saints you know as well as the Fallen Angels you know we are we are we have them condemned basically then the the world the people of the world are going to be judged by the Saints you know us so understand what is going to happen so the after all of that the world will be the ads the Bible says all of creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God and that that is you know the beginning of that main manifestation you know we are we there have been people individually moving into Realms of glory and all of that but that main one you know when all the same shop just shows up you know the world will be restored to his former glory because this world the Bible says the foundations of the eighties out of course the way things are happening like animals eating up animals chasing humans all these things was not God's original design all animals should be subject to all men the whole structure you know plants are supposed to just grow food for men we are not supposed to have to label that is the original design you know so a lot of things we will see how God originally designed the world before the fall of Man when other fell in the in the garden you know Satan became the God of this world he took the academic authorities because Adam was the God of this world it wasn't God God created the world yes but the same way you can build a dog house for your dog but it is not your house yes you built it bet you beautiful your dog keep in mind that it was always said that God walked in the garden where was God going back to he he did not live on earth you know he did not stay on Earth he was visiting and then his voice will walk in the garden you know even when you look at the relationship with them um Adam and King you know um Adam Kane and Abel and all that when you look at the interactions with God you know you see God shows up God goes God shows up you know Earth was not created God did not create it for himself it's just like a main house and a boy's quarter Heaven is the main house it is the boy's quarter you understand you know um it is like the guest house you know it was was created for man beautiful and all of that for man you know and Mouse created to be in charge of it you know um but God's home heaven and that's God's will is always done in heaven but not on Earth and that is why you see that prayer um

assistance in heaven because man was given authority over it God God God's created it for man gave man Authority Satan took that power when man fell but Jesus took it back from Satan at the cross after the dead bearing Resurrection in and you know and just went into hell and divorced it and you know he took the keys of death and of the grief so now the church wants the power not even man it is the church that now have the power but if the church refuses to walk in its Authority Satan is going to um because he's a good Pretender he's going to take advantage of the church on rule like to he's the Lord of those of this world but he is no modeler of this world Once Upon a Time he was bets he no longer is he was in between the fall of Adam and um the Dead bear and Resurrection just when just after the debris and resurrection of Jews that was over of Satan's ring he Daddy he defeated defeated him so he's a divided fool now we are living in Detroit that's why we can cast out their most demons you know and take so much Authority and all of that you know we are we are walking in that Dominion so on understand that um let's keep watching the video

this is

this is waiting for the devil to take over Heaven that is nonsense nonsense nonsense talk

let me go back enough taxi I had long distance and I lost reception forest fires and oil spills are the awful lessons I'm just waiting for the devil to take over heaven I'm just waiting for the devil to take over Heaven that's why you should be careful of these guys you don't have any form of goodness by Design the party of that is a very satanic thing to see everything for Heaven is that not what the devil tried to do is that not what Lucifer tried to do that having cancer in the first place but this is what is promoted and a lot of Republicans a lot of conservatives a lot of Christians will like this song because they think that this is an ally he's talking about he's talking against the man but no be wise understand the games that the devil plays he'll always have you know his dogs in the house you know the Bible says beware of dogs which is very interesting you know just Google Bible verse people of dogs it is there and when the time you see beware of dogs in front of someone's gifts where is it one year of the dogs is it one year of dogs in the streets outside no it's only of dogs inside so in the church the devil puts his dogs you know people that's basically a dare to sabotage the the Church of sabotage you know the mission and you know to to Subs vets and mislead and misguide people outside of what God truly wants

to survive I see that I swears in the Bible First first of all

the Bible says you should not swear and then you can look at that I swears in the Bible the the topic of you know um Satan taking over Heaven never happened in the Bible Satan tried to do it and he was cast down and that is permanent and his future is certain so why all this this shows you that he doubts the Bible he doesn't believe the Bible alone I can't review this any further because it's just going to be trash I know you know too too much to say it against God you know so um that being said um make sure to check out Alfredo's VIP for more thank you and God bless you but what you spread is what you get give your best you get the best rest your best and people see the best

with the swag parole with a camper room with the stash for room where they had parole with the class parole with a Smash Bros

prayer of the belief you've not given your heart to Jesus Christ dear God I believe in my heart to Jesus Christ the son of God came died and I was raised from the dead to save me I confess him Lord over my life and ask you to give me your Holy Spirit to live within me receive your spirit by faith and thank you for I am now born again in Jesus name amen if you just pray that prayer congratulations

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