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Signs Of The Heart : Movie Previews : (Watchability: 9/10)

Signs A News Anchor Is Lying To You : Comedy Review - with Alfred (Funniness Rating: 6/10)

Melonie Mac Go Boom Vs Horizon Actress : YouTube Drama : Alfred Reacts

Tom MacDonald : Dirty Money : S Music Review - with Alfred

Legacy : I Gotta Do: Music Review (Awesomeness Rating: 7/10)

Don't Receive Prophecy from Just Anyone : Kathryn Krick Teaching : Reaction Video

Apostle Kathryn Krick Gives Best Explanation & Illustration Of Spirit Soul and Body :

Alfred and Candace Owens Take On Mayhem In Chicago

The Media Is Encouraging Violence Against Whyte People : Alfred's View & Gothix's View

Apostle Kathryn Krick Speaks On Exposed Videos : Alfred Reacts

Chicago Is Burning Because Rioting Is The New Social Justice & Arresting African-Americans Is Racist

56 Dead 596 Injured In Sudan : Young People Paid To Fight For Politicans : Alfred Reacts

TYT Cenk Uygur & Ana Kasparian's Own Audience Prove You Can't Be Woke Enough : Alfred Reacts

CNN & Leftists Defend The Dalai Lama Telling Kid To Suck His Tongue : Alfred Reacts

New April 2023 Terrorist Attacks In Benue State, Nigeria, Africa

Nigerian Terrorists Abduct Students From Female Hostel In Zamfara : New April 2023 Kidnapping

Nikki Howard : When You're The Poorest Of Your Friends (Funniness Rating: 7/10)

B.Tatum Exposes Teacher Caught Forcing Students 2 Write Sexual Fantasies 4 Homework : Alfred Reacts