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HURT : I Don't Play : Christian Music Review (Awesomeness Rating: 8/10)

Ty The Tasmanian Tiger 4 : Video Game Trailer (Alfred's VG Creativity Rating: 8.5/10)

Dangerous Waters: starring Odeya Rush: Movie Trailer Review by A Christian (Watchability Score: 0/10)

Anonymous Post About The Maui Wildfire From A Maui Local That's Gone Viral

Bonaventure Nwodo Killed By The Nigerian Police While Protesting In Nigeria

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The Barbie Movie : The Detrimental Impact of Continuously Portraying Men as Evil in Movies : written by Mr X

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Michigan's Shady Recruiting Practice: A Closer Look into the NCAA Investigation : written by Mr X

Elon Musk Unveils Bold Move: Twitter Rebranded as X : written by Mr X

Apostle Kathryn Krick Uses The Anointing To Set Lady Free From Demons That Kept Her from Serving God

Michael Knowles Interviews Tradwife Icon Estee Williams :

Love, Lust & Other Things : Movie Previews - by Alfred (Watchability Score: 8/10)

Learning From Monica Church's Vlog Editing Skills :

Dash Films Presents : Prince of Detroit : Movie Previews - by Alfred (Watchability Score: 9/10)

D-Will : SOP : Music Review : by Alfred (Rate Song In The Comments Section)

CBS News Fight For illegal Immigrants To Take The Jobs Of African American Descendants Of Slaves

Alfred & Liz Wheeler On Chick-Fil-A Betraying Christian Conservatives & Going Woke : Alfred Reacts